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There is a massive shift towards an open digital ecosystem, underpinned by open source platforms and APIs.  TM Forum open APIs provide the critical enablers to building an ecosystem or marketplace for partner onboarding, monitoring and management of digital services across business boundaries, including revenue sharing, monetization and settlement.  These APIs are taking off in the industry.  Since launching the developer portal in December 2015, we have over 100k users of the APIs and 9 CSPs and 10 leading technology partners have committed to using the APIs in their product development.

For developers and new comers there will be an Open Hack held Monday & Tuesday.   This will include extensive API training, opportunities for learning, collaborating and building new real solutions leveraging digital assets underpinned by Forum Open APIs.  To find out more, click here.   Participants will an Open API development certificate at the end of Day 2.  Top teams will be invited to participate at the exclusive Open Hack at TM Forum Live Nice 2017.

TM Forum member participants wishing to then get involved with the Open API program and contribute will be introduce to the Open API project team on Wednesday morning.

Areas of focus at Action Week:

  • Contribute to the future direction of TM Forum Open APIs and Roadmap review;
  • Contribute to TM Forum REST APIs for End to End NFV Management with the ZOOM team;
  • Contribute to the API Guidelines, governance and crowdsourcing session;
  • Contribute to the development of CTKs to enable automated conformance & demonstration of existing CTKs;
  • Contribute to the development of the Digital Service Management API;

You can also contribute a new API of your own for evaluation by the Open API team. To do this, please use the crowdsourcing template to structure your contribution.


Who Is Going To Be There ?

Types of Companies:
Service providers; Consultants; Enterprises; Suppliers

API experts; REST experts; Swagger experts; information and data modeling experts; those wishing to understand or manage TM Forum Frameworx APIs

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