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Digital Maturity Model

Many communication services providers, and other traditional service providers are on a journey to transform themselves into a “digital” businesses to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the latest technology and market conditions. As with any journey some form of map or guide is essential to plan the route, and to know how far you have to go, and even when you have arrived. The TM Forum Digital Maturity Model project is following the successful pattern used in other TM Forum maturity models to provide just such a map.

Areas of focus at Action Week:

  • Establish the Key Dimensions of a Digital Maturity Model
  • Begin defining and agreeing the critical metrics for each of the dimensions

Who is going to be there?

Types of Companies:
Service Providers of all kinds; Consultants, Suppliers, Enterprises

Process experts; information and data modeling experts; Frameworx domain experts; those wishing to understand or manage TM Forum assets

Why Take Part?

  1. Be part of the group that defines the digital transformation framework and maturity model
  2. Join key thought leaders from our Agile, Open Digital and Customer Centricity strategic programs
  3. Examine the key domains of digital transformation, and explore how a maturity model may help your organization
  4. Interact with all project teams as the evolution of the Digital maturity model will influence and be influenced by all the collaborative work TM Forum does

Who Is Already Involved?

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