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Open Digital / Internet of Everything

The Internet of Everything (IOE) opportunity is a massive change in how technology enables bringing together people, process, data and things. It makes networked connections more relevant by turning information into actions.  This has resulted in predictions of new revenue in the Trillions of Dollars and the availability of billions of additional connected devices.

The impact on business, technology, and marketplaces is significant, so  TM Forum’s IoE/Open Digital Program has produced an IOE Roadmap of Challenges which is focused on designing, developing, and implementing collaborative solutions to address these challenges. Action Week provides a unique opportunity to work with teams focused on IoE Challenges as well as Applied Innovation areas (such as Blockchain/Smart Contracts).

Focus areas at Action Week:

  • Connecting people, processes and systems in a massively scalable way to solve a long tail of problems;
  • Optimizing the ability to participate in an ecosystem of partnerships that can scale predictably and drive innovation and monetization;
  • Evolving partner relationships to form repeatable and consistent processes and approaches to on-boarding new partners and sharing information;
  • Developing best practices for the partnerships toolset and guidebooks for digital services and IoE applications.

Who Is Going To Be There ?

Application Areas for “Vertical Ecosystems” and Smart X scenarios
Including Personal, Home, Vehicles, Enterprise, Industrial

Platforms and Enablement “Horizontal Ecosystems”
including Platforms, “stacks” and Interfaces

Building Blocks
Including Sensors, Cloud, Protocals, Alliances and Partner organizations

Who Is Already Involved?

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