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Join developers, entrepreneurs, and expert mentors at the open collaborative hackathon during Action Week, Vancouver 2016.

This is your unique opportunity to bring your product and rapidly build innovative new prototype solutions on an open ecosystem platform.  Experimenting with the open platform, Open APIs and creative new solutions exposed by others in the hack, you will participate in a collaborative experience and gain valuable, expert feedback.  This Open Hack is hosted within a community of 150+ global experts, and has a focus on the next wave of Open APIs; preordering, onboarding and privacy management.

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Why hack with us?

TM Forum Open Hack brings together developers, designers, data scientists, entrepreneurs, enterprise designers and developers with an integrated ecosystem platform where open data, exposed open APIs and capabilities are leveraged to quickly mash together new services to solve challenges and partnering opportunities posed by cities and operators across the globe.

Forum Open APIs are at the heart of this initiative whereby simple business management APIs are used to streamline business operations and rapidly mash enterprise grade solutions.

These APIs are deployed in commercial settings across the globe.  Today 9 of the worlds largest operators endorse and use these APIs in their business.

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{Open} Hack Recap Nice 2016

Here is an inside look at all the great things being done at TM Forum {Open} Hacks

3 steps to make a difference


with technical experts and mentors


solutions and applications that will make a difference

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How will you contribute?

Your innovation will drive what tomorrow looks like. Technology is the centre of innovation and the industry needs you to create applications that will make our world cleaner, safer and more efficient and sustainable.

A promising idea that resulted from a past TM Forum Hackathon was Internet of Parks (IoP) which created an integrated, automatized cleaning solution for public spaces and green areas in Nice, France. The event gave them the platform to learn and develop this idea by:

• Quickly deploying and integrating services with Bluemix
• Using the TM Forum APIs using JavaScript
• Using partners APIs to make smart connected vehicles

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“We were afforded access to a number of APIs, including TM Forum APIs, which worked really well together, and that allowed us to rapidly prototype this very unique concept to make parks cleaner in Nice, France”

Alex Kern, Hacker winner at TM Forum Live! Hackathon (Nice June 2015)


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