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TM Forum’s Action Week is the most important collaborative gathering of service providers and IT professionals and the place to contribute and participate in innovative projects.

Over five days you’ll experience invaluable hands-on learning, you’ll also meet some really smart people and you’ll take an important step forward as a contributor to industry agreed assets. It’s exhausting and exhilarating in equal measures but extremely rewarding.

So roll up your sleeves and work with like-minded peers and industry experts committed to driving digital business innovation.  Real work for real progress.

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Event Highlights

The TM Forum Action Week  provides an excellent opportunity for smaller organizations like ourselves to learn how to increase relevance of your offering in the market through standardization and networking.

- Phillip Stander CEO , Globetom
Team Action Week is always a highlight of the year, twice, actually. It is where the most important progress in standards is being made. I am here to meet and work with peers all over the industry, learn, improve, and create together! - Andreas Polz CTO , Infonova
Very good representation from service providers throughout the whole week, allowing for deep-dive discussions and understanding the different projects n support of industry changes such as  platform revolution. - Johanne Mayer Director Product Marketing , Oracle