AI is applicable to many aspects of a communications service provider’s business, including: network & service management, customer experience, fraud management and numerous other applications.  For example, new network infrastructures may have thousands of virtualized components being created and removed dynamically.  With the complexity of such infrastructures, today’s rules-based automation systems will be insufficient, and AI systems based on Machine Learning with real domain knowledge will be needed. We are looking for active participants to provide thought provoking input for each session and to help drive lively debate.

The telecommunications industry is in the very early days of exploring how to leverage AI and machine learning. While there are many more questions than answers about how to best use the technology, one thing is clear: CSPS need to move quickly to embrace it so that they can support the burgeoning internet of things and deliver the new services that customers are demanding.

There are three main categories that CSPs are using AI:

  1. Customer Experience – this is the most mature AI use case. Many CSPs are working with suppliers to develop chatbots. In some cases, the bots are replacing customer care agents, whilst in others they are designed to improve agent’s ability to cross-sell and upsell.
  2. Network automation – the volume and velocity of changes required in the IoT require automation. CSPs are embracing cloud technology, NFV and SDN, this includes using intent-based management that relies on orchestration, data analytics, policy and machine learning to automically provision, configure and assure their networks.
  3. Service management – Intent based management can also be used to optimise services for customers. Analytics, policy and machine learning are used to automate closed control loops, which help operators guarantee and optimise performance.

Areas of focus at Action Week

For Action Week Dallas – there is a big shift in the AI program. It is moving from its explore phase to innovate and will become a fully chartered collaboration program with key outputs and contributions to FX 19. The work will begin in key areas which operators need to address such as Service Management Standards for AI as well as looking at a maturity model and standard definitions as well as a common language reference guide (this is all subjected to chartered projects and member interest but should serve as a good guide regarding what we want to achieve).