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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be vital to our industry’s future.

For example, new network infrastructures may have thousands of virtualized components being created and removed dynamically. Optimizing and managing such networks will require significant automation. With the complexity and dynamically changing nature of such infrastructures, today’s rules based automation systems will be insufficient, and AI systems based on Machine Learning with real domain knowledge will be needed.

AI is applicable to many other aspects of a communications service provider’s business, including: Customer Experience (where AI can be used to personalize the experience and simplify customer interaction); Service Optimization (managing SLAs and the complex interplay between individual services and the dynamically changing network infrastructure); Fraud Management and many other areas.

It is clear that a number of AI systems will be needed in the future, and each will have to operate in a particular domain with a particular expertise. Furthermore, there are opportunities for unsupervised Machine Learning to spot patterns in the overall data generated and add value in many new ways.

Areas of focus at Action Week:

  • AI and Telecommunications bridging the ecosystems: the role of the TM Forum in building a bridge between the Telecoms and AI industries; presentation and discussion of the draft TM Forum AI Terms of Reference.
  • AI & Customer Experience: investigating the capabilities of current AI based CX applications and potential use cases; establishing the top use cases for further investigation; external viewpoints and a summary of TMF work to-date in AI for CX.
  • AI Service and Network Management: intent demand with SLA management applied at all levels (network, resource & service); investigating the complex interplay between services and network, how to manage both to ensure maximum efficiency in SLA management and network optimization, remediation etc.
  • AI & Open Digital Architecture: identifying technical requirements that AI imposes on ODA as AI and Machine Learning systems extract data from the unified data layer of ODA and interact with the domains via intent based instructions

We are looking for moderators for sessions and for relevant scene-setting presentations for each session as a starter for discussion. Please let us know if you would be interested in leading any of the sessions and/or have presentations which you feel would be appropriate.

Who Is Going To Be There ?

The Action Week sessions will be attended by leading Service Providers and by major vendors from the telecommunications and AI/ML industries.

Types of Companies:
Service providers;Suppliers; Systems Integrators

AI Experts; Enterprise Architects; Software Developers

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