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Catalysts - Proof-of-Concepts

Catalysts, short-term proof of concept projects, are at the heart of Action Week! This highly popular program brings together companies large and small to create innovative solutions to common challenges demonstrating how this can be achieved leveraging key TM Forum best practices and standards.

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How would you like to join the most popular and exciting program in TM Forum? The Call for Catalysts is now live. These projects will demonstrate at TM Forum Live! Nice 2018. This is your chance to cultivate ideas from your organization or for customers to see what business challenges they are facing and build a solution around it.  Submit your idea here.

For more information, please contact Tania Fernandes.

Benefits for Catalysts teams to attend Action Week:

  1. Meet face-to-face with fellow team members in hands on working sessions
  2. Get connected to teams who are doing projects in your area of interest, or if you are running a project, find companies to add to your project to help you define your innovative solution
  3. Get expert advice from both TM Forum staff on TM Forum projects/programs, and member driven team leads from diverse companies and focus areas including APIs, ZOOM, and Frameworx
  4. Receive feedback from the Collaboration Subcommittee (subcommittee of TM Forum Board of Directors that both approve projects and judge projects) on how to improve your project/message
  5. Record a professional interview video to begin promoting your project and participating companies

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