As Customer Experience becomes the main reason for operators digital transformation programs and as CSPS look for customer experience to be a key service differentiator, they need help to understand how to create the best customer experiences possible for their customers and how to navigate the complex transformation journey which puts customers at their heart. Action Week will allow delegates to contribute to the customer experience guides, update the maturity model and explore the very latest use cases for customer experience in a new digital context which will be AI and 5G ready.

In the latest DTT survey, 82% of respondents stated that Customer Experience was the main reason for their digital transformation strategy. There are three main reasons for this:

  1. CSPs are competing against hyperscale companies and OTT players such as Amazon, Facebook, Google which relentlessly focus on customer experience to drive their business forward. If CSPs are to compete with these companies they must offer a superior customer experience.
  2. The commitment to customer centricity is strategic, and it is becoming embedded within more departments of the CSS including IT and operations which traditionally have had limited visibility of the customer.
  3. Mobile and broadband penetration is reaching saturation in many markets, which makes customer service an increasingly important competitive differentiator for CSPs.

Areas of focus at Action Week

We will be looking at updating some existing assets and get them ready for the digital world including:

  • Updating the Customer Experience Maturity Model and mapping to the Digital Maturity Model (DMM).
  • New use cases for AI to improve customer experience with a view to create best practices and standards.
  • What are operators going to do with a 5G Network? What kind of customer experiences do they need to offer and how can they be measured?
  • What is the omnichannel CX with 5G?