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Digital Maturity Model

Digital transformation is a ‘must-do’ for companies to compete and survive in the future marketplace. Delivering that change and being responsible for it is a demanding job and being equipped with tools for measuring your current level of digital maturity, your target state and how you can specify wider transformational or bespoke improvement activity is why the TM Forum creates the environment that it does, to collaborate best practice and learning across both CSP and CSP supply -side communities.

We will be building added value into the TM Forum Digital Maturity Model launched at TM Forum Live! In Nice. The resultant outputs (will require further collaborative work post Lisbon) will deliver pragmatic tools that can be utilized by a Program Delivery Director and their team to specify and deliver digital transformation across their organization

TM Forum will be seeking to build further value into the TM Forum Digital Maturity Model industry-standard framework building upon the work proposed for 17.5 :

  • structured guidance for defining a company’s digital transformation ambition
  • definition of a set of recommendations for criteria that measure the impact of digital transformation on the business
  • definition of a set of digital KPIs that help me measure my digital capability excellence from a customer and operational standpoint
  • plus taking inputs from attendees at TAW for next step DMM work improvement areas

Who is going to be there?

Types of Companies:
Service Providers of all kinds; Consultants, Suppliers, Enterprises

Process experts; information and data modeling experts; Frameworx domain experts; those wishing to understand or manage TM Forum assets

Why Take Part?

  1. Be part of the group that defines the digital transformation framework and maturity model
  2. Join key thought leaders from our Agile, Open Digital and Customer Centricity strategic programs
  3. Examine the key domains of digital transformation, and explore how a maturity model may help your organization
  4. Interact with all project teams as the evolution of the Digital maturity model will influence and be influenced by all the collaborative work TM Forum does

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