New to Action Week or Need a Refresher?

We get that it can be intimidating to jump straight in and start working with complete strangers (and even your competitors) – no-one particularly likes being the new kid which is why we ease you in gently.

Over the first few days of Action Week you’ll have introductory sessions on each of the projects and meet your teams in interactive sessions. It’s an environment of open collaboration and your insight and experience will be welcome and valued.

Get up-to-date on all the project team meetings and talk to TM Forum experts on hand to answer any question you may have.

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During the session, we will cover:

Getting to know the TM Forum 

  • What are the benefits of being a member?
  • Who’s who of the Forum? Leadership, departments, key staff, members
  • Different things the forum does – Inform, Events, Training, Programs, Collaboration, Catalysts, Engagement
  • How to get involved – levels of engagement from passive to active to champion

General TM Forum On-Boarding

The history, who the members are, how the governance works, who the key players are, what’s been achieved to date, typical “a year in the life of the TM Forum”, the Events (and the difference between each type), how the TM Forum is evolving, challenges ahead.

TM Forum Collaboration Logistics 

  • Getting involved in Collaboration
  • Joining projects – levels of commitment
  • IPR
  • Overview of Action Week Lisbon schedule

Collaboration Programs

Each Project team will cover: the history, past highlights, current projects, key players, challenges and skills/ resources required in the future, goals of Action Week.