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Open Digital Architecture

TM Forum is consolidating more than three years’ collaborative technical architecture work into its new Open Digital Architecture (ODA), which is envisioned to replace traditional OSS / BSS and become the de facto standard for open digital platforms.

ODA gives enterprise architects a blueprint and key design principles to follow. It provides navigation for the journey away from monolithic software solutions towards nimble, cloud based microservices that are autonomically orchestrated through machine learning. It is a reference architecture that maps the Forum’s widely used suite of Open APIs against technical and business platform functions. It is a clear statement of intent that technology suppliers can aspire to deliver

The ODA Project will incorporate the ZOOM project , as well as the existing DSRA/DPRA platform work. Some aspects of ODA, notably the componentization of the architecture, will be managed through cross-stream collaboration with the Frameworx and Open APIs projects

Areas of focus at Action Week:

Action Week will build on previous work, including the recent workshop in London.

  • Key Requirements & Principles: layering and mapping to existing Frameworx domains; the Intent principle; the common data vertical; representation of ecosystems…
  •  Functional Architecture: system design principles
  •  Ecosystem capabilities: implications of ecosystem interaction (supported and informed by existing DSRA / DPRA work)

Who Is Going To Be There ?

Meet the world’s leading CSPs and OSS/BSS suppliers are contributing to the development of the Open Digital Architecture.

Types of Companies:
Service providers; Suppliers; Systems Integrators

Systems Architects; Enterprise Architects; Software Developers

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