The wide-ranging changes in the communication services business brought about by market changes, and the technology changes with virtualization and 5G will touch every aspect of the business, including a wholesale change to agile DevOps style operations supported by a completely reimagined OSS and BSS. TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) is creating an industry agreed blueprint for the next generation of support systems that will enable and support this transformation.

Whilst many of the pieces are in place to enable digital transformation, the lack of an industry agreed framework to bring these elements together can make assembling solutions from multiple vendors challenging, adds to the complexity of navigating the transformation through multiple hybrid scenarios, and generally slows the pace of change.

TM Forum’s ODA project has extensive industry support and has laid out the core framework and principles for a new generation of IT systems to support the digital service provider of the future. At Action Week, groups of members will continue to develop key aspects of the architecture in more detail, increasing its value in allowing rapid development and deployment of interworking systems.

Areas of focus at Action Week:

  • Creating a future OSS /BSS that is model driven, driving up the level of automation and business agility compared to current OSS/BSS solutions.
  • Leveraging Frameworks, TOGAF Enterprise Architecture (EA) principles and prior work on NGOSS; and realized using ODA defined Components exposing ODA Functional services using TM Forum Open APIs.
  • Creating a common data sharing paradigm to enable interworking, automation, analytics and AI.
  • Understanding transition architectures required during transformation.
  • Refining the key golden design and procurement rules to ensure new solutions deliver to future needs.
  • Developing the internal principles that will have to be applied to ensure ease of partnering in a digital ecosystem.
  • Developing detailed design rules for ensuring that commercial and open source solutions can interwork.