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Open Digital / Internet of Everything

Monetization and its related topics continue to resonate with the industry as the #1 challenge facing providers of digital and IoE ecosystems.  Along with management and trust, monetization is the biggest unsolved problem in those areas.

Understanding challenges in establishing and maintaining trust highlighted by steady stream of high-profile data protection failures. For those within or wishing to do business with the EU, the GDPR will be enforced from 25 May 2018 with significant penalties for non-compliance.

Participants at Action Week will:

  • Review and refine the monetization models for digital ecosystems and the Internet of Everything (IoE)
  • Identify common business patterns that they can reuse
  • Understand how to leverage enablers and overcome inhibitors to monetization
  • Learn how to build profitable ecosystems on platforms
  • Explore topics on Digital Trust , Dynamic Fraud Analytics, Data Governance (in a software defined world)

Areas of focus at Action Week:


  • Refine monetization models for digital ecosystems and IOE
  • Specific, actionable strategies and tactics for monetization
  • Reusable monetization patterns
  • Understand how to leverage enablers and overcome inhibitors of monetization
  • Analysis from multiple perspectives: Charging & Billing


  • Identify common reusable business patterns
  • Digital Services Reference Architectures


  • Components of Trust
  • Trust Maturity Model
  • Trust Index
  • Business Assurance/Revenue Assurance
  • Asset Management
  • Results Readout of Fraud Management 2017 Survey Report


  • Use case focus and understand what not to use blockchain for

Who Is Going To Be There ?

Application Areas for “Vertical Ecosystems” and Smart X scenarios
Including Personal, Home, Vehicles, Enterprise, Industrial

Platforms and Enablement “Horizontal Ecosystems”
including Platforms, “stacks” and Interfaces

Building Blocks
Including Sensors, Cloud, Protocals, Alliances and Partner organizations

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