When is TM Forum Action Week 2017?

TM Forum Action Week starts on Monday, September 25 and ends on Friday, September 29


Where will TM Forum Action Week 2017 be held?

Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront
1133 West Hastings Street,
Vancouver, BC, V6E 3T3
+1 844 337 3118


I need a VISA letter to attend, where can I get one?

Email [email protected] and provide:

Name, title, company, mailing address, date of birth, passport number, date of issue, date of expiry. 

Please advise if an electronic copy is sufficient or if you need original copies mailed.


Where & when can I pick up my badge?

Registration opens at 3:00 pm on Sunday, September 24. Bring your Ready, Set, Go email for fast tracked service.  You will receive your Ready, Set, Go email 1 week prior to the event, if you are paid in full.


How do I know what sessions to attend?

TM Forum Action Week covers multiple topics it across 5 days.  Each key topic has an agenda for the week, and outlines goals that will be achieved during the week.

Find out more here


How do I register?

You can view the passes types and pricing here. From this page, follow the links to register. 


How much does it cost to attend?

TM Forum Action Week passes are sold per day to allow flexibility and cost efficiency.  The most popular pass is the 4-day bundle (Mon-Thurs).   


When should I attend?

To get the most out of the week, you should attend Monday thru Friday.  Starting at 9:00 am on Monday there will be an General Session that will set the scene for the week and review the project work that is to be done in the next 5 days.

What is IPR?

The TM Forum Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy governs the treatment of intellectual property in the production of deliverables by TM Forum.

This Policy applies to all members of TM Forum and their affiliates. Action Week operates under TM Forum’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) policy. If you wish to join a project meeting that is considered ‘closed’, you will also need to join the related project(s) so that you have received the right approval from your company to operate in that project’s particular IPR “mode.” If you have any questions about which meetings you can attend and/or what project(s) you need to join in order to be able to participate please contact Derek Fletcher or the IPR desk at registration on site.


What is the difference between a closed and open meeting?

A closed meeting is being conducted under the terms of TM Forum’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) policy. To attend a closed meeting you must join the related project(s) to receive the right approval from your company to operate in that project’s particular IPR ‘mode’.

An open meeting is not being conducted under the terms of IPR and information and materials furnished or provided by the attendee shall constitute or contain intellectual property and will not be treated or protected as such.


How to I join a project?

Join a project here

Since a project is governed by a specific IPR Mode, you must request to join a project and agree to the IPR mode that the project is operating under. Once you have joined, you will have access to the project area where the project discussions and work items can be readily viewed. Joining a project indicates a company level obligation to the IPR Mode. In the future there will be additional company level verification on joining a project. At the current time, the TM Forum Governance Committee of the Board has decided during this transition period the default IPR mode is RAND and members can join projects without securing this additional company verification.


What is a Catalyst?

Catalysts are rapid fire, member-driven proof-of-concept projects which both inform and leverage TM Forum best practices and standards, connecting service providers, technology suppliers, and global enterprises to create innovative solutions to common industry challenges.

Over the past year, significant progress has been made to align these Catalyst projects with the strategic ambitions of TM Forum, thereby producing a portfolio of Catalysts which bring best practices and standards to life in real world scenarios ensuring the value of these assets is proven in complex partnership scenarios.

Catalyst projects kick-off at Action Week, then the teams work together over a period of 4 – 6 months and develop their solutions that they demonstrate at TM Forum flagship events


How do I get involved in a Catalyst?

To find out how to get involved contact Jean-Pierre Dufresne, Senior Catalyst Program Manager, TM Forum


What Catalyst activities can I get involved in at Action Week?

There will be a number of opportunities to engage with the Catalyst projects at Action Week.  We are in the process of creating a dynamic agenda, check back for more details. 

Are there any networking activities planned for the week?

Yes!  At Action Week we believe in working hard and playing hard.  We have various networking events throughout the week for attendees to participate in.

Click here for more details.


What is the difference between each meeting type?

At Action Week, our meetings use the agile working principles.  Each session is categorized into one of four types of meetings: Learn, Define & Scope, Align, and Create & Build.

You can review descriptions of each type of meeting here.