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Trust - Security & Privacy

If you can’t monetize it, why do it? This approach makes monetization the obvious number 1 priority for CSPs and vendors, but it is evident that the issue of trust comes a close 2nd.   Trust is a fundamental enabler, both explicitly and implicitly, of digital business. In the IoE ecosystem, established methods of creating trust (long term relationships and experience) will have to evolve,or be replaced by, some form of instant or dynamic trust recognition if the expected synergies from the IoE are to be realized.

Areas of focus at Action Week:

  • A review of the “Trust Roadmap of Challenges”;
  • Explore whether trust is really an issue. Catalog the top challenges to achieving and maintaining trust;
  • Is there a need for a Trust Maturity Model, or an ecosystem ‘trust index’;
  • Document what components of trust are of greatest concern, taking into consideration the key topics of:
    • Data governance, privacy, security
    • Legal compliance
    • Quality of service, product, contribution – B2C and B2B (Revenue assurance, Fraud/Fraud analytics, charging and billing and managing assets)
  • We will devote time to simplifying compliance with the European GDPR, addressing privacy in complex ecosystems and DPIA for Telcos
  • In addition, quality will be addressed through a series of focused revenue management topics. Getting trust right is essential to brand establishment and its resilience.

Who Is Going To Be There ?

Types of companies:
Service providers of all kinds; defense agencies; security software suppliers

Security analysts, security engineers, security architects, security software developers, Privacy experts, CIOs

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