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Delivering digital transformation through collaboration

Creating real solutions to transform your business!

We live in a fast-moving world of digital disruption where game-changing products and solutions are rapidly brought to market. But what’s your role and how do you contribute in this culture of constant change?

Action Week is an opportunity to roll up your sleeves and work with like-minded peers and industry experts committed to driving digital business innovation. It’s your rare chance to influence industry-wide change and innovation. Real work for real progress.

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What makes Action Week different?

  • Industry experts working together to create, explore and debate business challenges
  • Build your network of experts and potential partners with 10+ hours of networking
  • Deeper understanding of the impact of future business and technology trends
  • Opportunity to play a leadership role to shape and influence best practices and standards

Participate in our globally acclaimed Catalyst Proof-of-Concept Projects!

What if you could get 5 people instead of 1 working together to solve your business challenge? This is the Catalyst program

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New to TM Forum or the Collaboration Community?

We get that it can be intimidating to jump straight in and start working. Over the first few days of Action Week you’ll have introductory sessions on each of the projects and meet your teams in interactive sessions. It’s an environment of open collaboration and your insight and experience will be welcome and valued.

Over the course of the week, we offer:

  • Dedicated session for newcomers providing step-by-step guidance on how to get involved
  • TM Forum subject matter experts on hand to show how you can leverage your TM Forum membership
  • Networking! The best way to get involved is to meet TM Forum members

TM Forum is here to help and make introductions to key attendees involved in projects you are interested in joining.

Need More Convincing? Don't Take Our Word for It...

Action Week is the best industry collaboration event I’ve ever attended

Founder & CTO, DGIT Systems

As a first-time attendee, I found this to be an excellent opportunity to make new contacts, learn about areas I hadn’t intended to be involved with and make contributions to a range of topics and informal discussions. Looking forward to being more involved in TM Forum projects

Technical Delivery Manager, BT

Attending Action Week was an invaluable experience in terms of networking, participation in standards and innovative thinking. One of the best things I experienced was the intent to rethink and challenge existing standards and re-invent if there are gaps in other related standards

Principal Enterprise Architect, Telstra