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Zero Touch Orchestration, Operations and Management

The Digital service industry has moved beyond the point of planning for transformation and is now taking the first steps on the journey. Although different businesses are following different paths, for CSPs at least it is clear that deployment of virtualized and software defined network technology is well underway. They must now start to maximize the benefits of this technology, over and above simple substitution of existing functionality. This means that the focus is on assets that can be used in the design and realization of processes and systems, and enable the procurement, deployment and operation of them as part of a profitable business. In 2017 we released the first complete blueprint for an automated hybrid management platform that enables virtualized infrastructure to begin to unlock its potential, and we will be rapidly building new capabilities into that framework.

The wide-ranging changes in the communication services business brought about by market changes, and the technology changes with virtualization and 5G will touch every aspect of the business, including a wholesale change to agile DevOps style operations supported by a completely reimagined OSS and BSS. The TM Forum is at the forefront of developing common solutions to the challenge of enabling a business to thrive in this new environment, and monetize the opportunity of the new technology.

Areas of focus at Action Week:

  • Continuing development of common information model elements between SDOs including MEF ONF and Oasis TOSCA
  • Develop automation capabilities by capturing concrete artifacts to cover technical onboarding, linking of DevOps, engineering change management and continuous integration systems of Buyer and seller
  • Extending the existing work on Orchestration to include Policy driven automation
  • Continuing our work on a reference platform for Hybrid Network Management, expanding beyond the MVP solution released in 17.0 to further unlock the potential of virtualized infrastructure.
  • Developing requirements for APIs for extending the management of Hybrid Networks into more complex use cases
  • Extending the existing work on the adoption of DevOps to include development of practical guides and checklists for real world transformation
  • Further exploring the practical use of open source in real deployments
  • Integration of the ZOOM work with the new Open Digital Architecture project

Who Is Going To Be There ?

Types of Companies:
Service providers

NFV/SDN domain experts; NFV/hybrid management experts; those wishing to understand or manage NFV/SDN

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